Software development

Mentat's track record in software development goes back to 1985 - though the founder members had already been building experience during the earlier birth of the Microcomputer industry. But it doesn't pay to stand still in this industry, so we combine this experience with the latest tools in application and system development.  More

Representation of Hospitality Networks

Hospitality Bookings integration

Server side and client side solutions for your booking systems, adding features that take your public interface beyond the capabilities of your PMS.  More

Representation of CallScope communications

CallScope call management.

CallScope is a call management system for hospitality sites. Log call details, including call charging data. Extensive reporting. If you operate a hospitality service (hotel, hospital, residential clinic, business services centre) CallScope and VoiceScope combine.  More

Representation of CallScope communications

VoiceScope call services.

VoiceScope saves voice messages, increases phone revenue in hospitality systems, improves operator efficiency, provides wakeup and reminder services, promotes services and products, improves workgroup efficiency.  More