Representation of CallScope communications

VoiceScope voice messaging

VoiceScope is a Windows based Voice Messaging and Auto Wakeup system designed specifically for the hospitality market. The primary aim of VoiceScope is to provide today's transient guest with an easy to use, in room, messaging and wakeup service.

As with CallScope, VoiceScope interfaces with both PABX and PMS systems enabling unheard messages to be flagged on check out. Mailboxes can be personalised and messages and wakeup calls can be moved automatically should a guest need to change room.

VoiceScope has powerful diagnostic tools and comprehensive log reports to enable the tracking of wakeup call activity and the offering of assistance with guest queries.

  • Save voice messages - helping guests keep in touch with home or business
  • Increase phone revenue - when guests return otherwise missed calls
  • Improve operator efficiency - with fewer messages taken by the operator
  • Provide wakeup services - to help guests manage their own schedules
  • Promote services and products - reaching all guests with your messages efficiently
  • Record your own voice messages - eliminate charges
  • Improve workgroup efficiency - with individual, group and broadcast messaging for staff

Key Features

  • Personalisation of guest and admin mailboxes
  • Message waiting options
  • Broadcast and group messaging
  • Multiple language modules
  • Automatic wakeup
  • Optional snooze facility
  • Wakeup call feature notification
  • Comprehensive historical reporting
  • Customised wake up greetings
  • Optional security
  • Full integration
  • Customised operation through the designer
  • Flexible navigation of calls determined by extension or trunk
  • 999 notification