A Twitter search tool that uses Twitter's query string.

This is an entirely client side javascript tool that helps you to maintain twitter search terms, and provides for more convenient search editor. Opens results in a new window, so retaining the search crieria.

  • from:name
  • to:name
  • since:yyyy-mm-dd
  • until:yyyy-mm-dd
  • include:retweets
  • Use #, @ to include mentions of hash tags or twitter accounts.
  • Lines beginning // are comments and are ignored.


  • Search - Performs the search in a new window/tab
  • Save - Saves the current search criteria under a label
  • Load - Loads any criteria priviously saved under the label
  • List - Lists current local storage labels (may include data from other apps)
  • Remove - Removes criteria stored under the label
  • Clear - Clears the local store ... IF the label = CLEAR (upper case). No confirmation! Click and it's gone!